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Ask David: Short Sale FAQ

Realtors & Investors - Choose from our podcast topics below to get answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding short sales.


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Ask David Podcast: The Common Short Sale FAQ


We Solve Three Problems For Listing Agents:


  Sell your short sale listing immediately
  Lender negotiations handled by full-time, licensed professional short sale negotiators that are fully vested in your success
  Free up your time so you can focus on servicing clients and getting more listings

Bring your own buyer or use one of ours. We have the expertise to get the transaction approved and closed.


Focus on what you do best… finding, listing and selling more properties. We will do the rest. We will handle your transaction!



This Is The Decade Of Short Sales


Real Estate Agents That Master Short Sales, Master The Market

According to Realtytrac, 1,200,000 foreclosure properties were sold to third parties in 2009, which was a gain of 35% from 2008, and 327% from 2007.

In a traditional short sale transaction, the listing agent would be responsible for listing and marketing the property, submitting a purchase contract to a servicer along with the required documents, negotiating with the bank on behalf of the seller and hoping for an approval without having to repeat the process multiple times.


Home Loan Advocates Has Simplified The Short Sale Process




Step 1: Paperwork

Listing agent submits listing agreement, homeowner package and comps.

*If homeowner does not have a real estate agent, HLA will be happy to assign someone that is experienced with the short sale process.


Step 2: Present Offer

Buyer Makes Offer on Property – with intent to rehab and resell


Step 3: Consult Attorney

HLA recommends Attorney to Homeowner (paid for by lender, not homeowner) for independent representation and consultation


Step 4: Bank Negotiations

HLA negotiates all the terms of the short sale transaction with the lender(s)for the seller, buyer and real estate agents.


Step 5: Organize Players

Once the transaction is approved by the seller, buyer, lender, and real estate agents, HLA will coordinate and schedule the close of escrow.


Step 6: Closing

All paperwork is properly executed, transaction closes and ownership is transferred to the buyer.


Items Needed From Agent:

  Complete Listing agreement at 6% commission of fair market value price
  Complete Sellers Package provided by HLA